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Programs On-Line: Mind & Body

Gentle stretching with breathing and relaxation. Develop strength and flexibility, reduce stress and increase your energy. Classes are for 10 weeks starting Jan 2nd. MEMBERS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO REGISTER UNLESS THERE IS A FEE. Member internet sign up starts on Dec 4th. Member phone or in person starts on Dec 7th. Non-Member sign up starts on Dec 14th phone or in person @ 9am, but our Early Bird ONLINE ONLY registration starts Dec 11th for Non-Members. ***No refunds after the session has started.***

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Athletic Yoga

Traditional Yoga poses designed specifically to improve overall athletic performance.



***NEW***  Barre class is a combination of ballet inspired postures and other disciplines like Yoga and Pilates to work and sculpt the entire body.  All levels 


Body Flow

·A combination class using the best exercise of Pilates, Yoga and Tai-Chi. Stand straighter, feel stronger, increase endurance, reduce stress and relieve pain.



·Yoga, meaning UNION is a journey into balance of both mind and body. The use of a series of postures and breathing techniques to enhance your body strength, posture, flexibility, and ease of respiration. A short meditation may conclude the class. (Level: All, 90 minute class)