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Programs On-Line: Forever Fit Senior Classes

Classes are for 10 weeks starting March 18th. MEMBERS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO REGISTER UNLESS THERE IS A FEE.  Member internet sign up starts on Feb 25th. Member phone or in person starts on Feb 28th.  Non-Member sign up starts on March 7th phone or in person @ 9am, but our Early Bird ONLINE ONLY registration starts March 4th for Non-Members. ***No refunds after the session has started.***

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Forever Fit Sampler

·This rotational class offers a different class format each week to experience and enjoy. Get a taste of the classes you always wanted to try. Step n Sculpt, Seniorcise, Senior Conditioning, & Gentle Yoga. (Level: All, 1 hour class)


Gentle Chair Yoga

·This yoga class incorporates all the advantages of challenge and self-pacing for all levels and ages in a chair. The poses and methods will increase muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. Increase Stamina, lung capacity and overall wellness. The class will end with a relaxation meditation. (Level: All, 1 hour class)


Gentle Fit and Stretch

·This muscle toning class focuses on increasing muscular strength and flexibility. Warm-up and range-of-movement exercises are followed by exercises using hand-held weights, elastic tubing, and stability balls for a total body workout. (Level: All, 45 minute class)


Senior Conditioning

·Improve your muscular strength and bone density, a crucial component in your fitness program, This class uses weighted body bars for the resistance training exercises. (Level: All, 1 hour class)



 Latin based dance workout with low impact moves perfect for seniors.