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Programs On-Line: Swim Lessons - Triple Private

Only three students per class. More personalized attention and the opportunity to learn by watching others. It's the best of both private and group lessons. 30 min class (4 students for 45 min) Our Aquatics program is a 10 week session. Note: All swim lessons "sell out" fast, so register IMMEDIATELY!


All Classes start the week of  March 18th. Member internet sign up starts on Feb 25th. Member sign up phone or in person starts on Feb 28th. Non-Member phone or in person sign up starts on March 7th @ 9am, but our Early Bird ONLINE ONLY registration starts March 4th for Non-Members.

No refunds after session has started. ****PLEASE SPECIFY AGE WHEN REGISTERING**** CALL FOR AVAILABILITY
**Additional class times may be available upon request.
***Adult triple private available upon request.

Click on the classes listed below for the days & times available.


Ages 4 - 5 years. This intro class will focus on safety by building confidence with buoyancy and breath control. Skills taught will include front and back floats, proper kicking, and prone glides. 30 min class **Additional ages and levels available upon request.


Sea Horse 6 - 7yrs / Sea Turtle 7- 9 yrs level 2

Students will learn paddling, elementary backstroke, rollovers and be introduced to freestyle and backstroke arms. Students must be completely comfortable going under water and floating on their back. 45 min class *****Be sure to specify age when registering *** additional ages and levels available upon request.


Sea Horse 6 - 7 yrs / Sea Turtle 7- 9 yrs

For new students who cannot swim independently. This class will teach breath control and floating. 45 min class ***Be sure to specify age when registering. ***Additional ages and levels available upon request.