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Programs On-Line: Aquatic Exercise Classes

Water conditioning classes for all levels. No swimming skills necessary. Classes are for 10 weeks starting March 25th. MEMBERS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO REGISTER UNLESS THERE IS A FEE. Member internet sign up starts on 
Feb 25th. Member phone or in person starts on Feb 28th. Non-Member sign up starts on March 7th phone or in person @ 9am, but our Early Bird ONLINE ONLY registration starts  March 4th for Non-Members. No refunds after the session has started.

Click on the classes listed below for the days & times available.

Aqua Tone

A combination of low impact aerobic and muscle toning exercises, set to fun energetic music.   (Level: All, 1 hour class.)


Aqua Tone Express

Same great combination of low impact / high intensity cardio and toning exercises set to music without stress on the joints. 45 min 

Level: All