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Programs On-Line: Refund & Cancellation Policy

Full refunds will be given when the class IS NOT SOLD OUT up to the day before the session starts. When class is sold out - no credit or refund will be issued. THE CLUB WILL NOT REFUND ANY MONEY AFTER THE SESSION HAS STARTED. After the session starts, credits will be issued for medical reasons only, and with a doctor's note. Credit will be pro-rated and can only be used for the following session. To use your credit, YOU MUST REGISTER IN PERSON PRESENTING THE CREDIT SLIP. Phone or internet registrations will not be accepted with a credit. ** There will be a $15.00 charge to switch a class after session has started, if the class is sold out you can not switch out of that class.
Make up classes are only given if the Club is responsible for a missed class.
Members:  Membership must remain active for the entire length of the program.

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