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Programs On-Line: Small Group Personal Training

Enjoy the benefits of exercise with a small group. These classes run for 10 weeks starting March 18th.    Member internet sign up starts on Feb 25th. Member phone or in person starts on Feb 28th. Non-Member sign up starts on March 7th phone or in person @ 9am, but our Early Bird ONLINE ONLY registration starts March 4th for Non-Members. No refunds after the session has started.  Minimum of 4 people to run class.

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(7 person max) The essence of Kettlebell training lies in generating momentum and then perpetuating, redirecting and decelerating that momentum. These movements more closely imitate the real life challenges we face everyday. Kettlebell small group training can work your entire body and provide a complete cardio, core and resistance workout. ****Please note**** Members will have to sign up for this class at the front desk a half hour before the class starts or you can reserve one class (one day a week) per session for $25.00