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Programs On-Line: Pilates

The Club uses the Method of J.H. Pilates developed over 70 years ago. The Method is an exercise system which focuses on increasing flexibility and strength to build more defined, longer, leaner muscles.  Classes are for 10 weeks starting March 18th. Members are not required to register unless there is a fee. Member internet sign up starts on Feb 25th. Member phone or in person starts on Feb 28th. Non-member sign up starts on March th phone or in person @ 9am, but our Early Bird ONLINE ONLY registration starts March 4th for Non-Members. **** No refunds after the session has started.****

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Mat Pilates (Beyond the Basics)

Incorporate traditional Pilates mat exercising using physio ball, flex bands, fitness rings and gliding discs.


Pilates Mat (All)

·Pilates mat focuses on improving strength, flexibility, coordination, and posture. This technique includes proper breathing and control over various muscle groups. (Level: All, 1 hour class)


Pilates On the Ball

This class incorporates the traditional Pilates Mat exercises using a physio ball. (Level: All, 1 hour class)